When reformed crook David, is inexplicably gunned down, and his three estranged sons are also attacked, they’re forced to overcome years of enmity to uncover why, and avenge their father, or join him.

A break neck speed action thriller, set over 18 hours. David, (50’s), once king of a crime empire, has slowly been turning legit. He hopes to make up with his first born, US Marine, JACK, (27) who acrimoniously moved to the United States at 15, to live with his American mother’s family. Jack left behind half- brother, LEE, (26), now a martial arts expert, but the pair have hated each other, since half Chinese Lee came to live with his Father when both boys were 4. Asian RAJ, at 25, is the youngest, whom David adopted when he was 4, after his parents were tragically killed in an accident, which also left Raj unable to speak. Not that it stops him. Raj is strong and silent, and also martial arts master but, is also accomplished, as is Lee and American step mum DAISY, in the visual language of signing. Raj is most loyal to Lee, but he cannot help but wish they could resolve things with Jack, so when the three are forced together to find out who attacked their Father, and who is now determined to kill all the Stanton family, it’s Raj who tries to keep the peace.

But as plot spirals tighter, the three brothers race against time to find out who’s behind it and why. Finally forced back to the Gym they’ve trained at all their lives, they take a stand against overwhelming odds from a quarter none of them expect, or can even believe.

With strong action based around gun play and Martial arts, and the themes of redemption, revenge, retribution and family loyalty throughout, ‘Gun Play’, partly pays homage to Hong Kong director, John Woo’s classic films, ‘ Hard Boiled, ( 1992) & The Killer, (1989) ’. However the the minimalist, lean storyline, has the relentless speed to rival taut action thriller, ‘The Raid’, (2011) But, with a fierce universal heartbeat about a 21st century, multi-cultural family, set against a back drop of crime, and twist towards ‘car play’ as well, ‘Gun Play’ also has the elements that made the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise so successful. With strong, conflicted, layered characters, director Paul Emmanuel’s, ‘Gun Play could easily spin off into prequels and sequels, and is taut action thriller which all those who love to live fast, and live hard, will find impossible to ignore. 

STATUS: Second draft. We are seeking production partners currently, and the script is with producers here and abroad. For more information and an info pack/script contact me.

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