I not only work as a screenwriter, but as a draft writer and proof reader too. I also started to teach screenwriting in 2010, whilst I was studying for my Master’s Degree. I’ve always liked sharing knowledge and studying, and am so passionate about good storytelling, that I enjoy coaching others with their screenplays too. I also write and troubleshoot drafts of projects in professional development too. I offer a range of services, from basic reports to one on one development and draft writing. Below is a short list, but please contact me with any queries or if you have something in mind. I also regularly run specials, as I know how necessary, but how expensive it can be for writers in a world where development funds and accurate feedback are scarce!

  1. Professional, classic, industry report for feature length screenplays. Synopsis, evaluation and notes. 4/5 pages appx. £75.00  for anything up to 120 pages. Add on £1.00 for every page thereafter.
  2. Short film screenplay report. Evaluation and notes. £20.00 for anything  up to 15 pages. Add on £1 for every extra page after.
  3. TV half hour format, or long, short form screenplay report: £35.00 for anything from 30 pages to 45 pages.
  4. 1 hour format for TV or short feature: £55.00 for 45 to 70 pages.

Personal coaching:

For features I charge £100 per initial hour, via skype or in person, inclusive of project assessment and written feedback notes on any given project. Further development/coaching slots are £70 for the same project, or at my discretion. I also accept half hour slots for short projects, at £25.00, but only via skype.

For draft writing, ghost writing, polish/proof reading, trouble shooting etc, I quote per job.