KUANYIN (Goddess of Mercy)

Tragedy… Guilt…Feud… Forgiven?

When the old feud between Tak and estranged brother Ling suddenly re erupts, he realizes the only way to save his life and those of who he loves is to betray Ling for a dark crime from his youth, but first, he must steal the proof, from right under his brothers nose.

With a feud re erupting over the woman they both loved, who was killed twenty years ago in Hong-Kong, Tak now has to learn how to fight back in present day London or  history will repeat itself and all Tak loves now will be at risk again.

Kuanyin: The Ancient, universal, Oriental Goddess of mercy and beauty.

An unresolved past always haunts, and with a hint of Oriental mystery, a story spanning forty years, multi-cultural and racial references, all clashing together, Kuanyin has a super heightened, dark, almost fantasy reality all its own. Kuanyin is a glamour-infused, neo noir rollercoaster, which pays homage to the romantic, revenge thrillers of the 1980’s, which took their inspiration from the hard noir of 1940’s thrillers. However, with the story mainly told in present day Soho, the wilds of the  Scottish country and in China and Hong-Kong, ‘Kuanyin’ is also a current, real take on modern life, and will resonate with many. For who, like Tak,  hasn’t had a broken heart, and who doesn’t hide a few regrets they’re desperate to forget?  

Peter Russell, script consultant, (www.howmovieswork.com )said: ‘this is a fast moving, sexy, romantic action thriller – I believe it has a bright future’.

STATUS :  An original, polished Spec Script, by Jane A Foster . BUDGET: Medium. contact janecreates@23-films.com for more information and a copy of the script or synopsis.