AURA + motion poster

Evolution could save us all, but only if the few who carry its latest gene survive.

Seven survive a poison which nearly annihilated all their kind.
Aura poster flyer Cannes A4Genetically incapable of harming a living thing, even in self defence, they shroud their identity to evade detection and the abuse of their powerful gifts. But when a corrupt State covertly launches sensors to expose them, they have to fight or risk extinction. There is no where to hide, until Laure, the most fragile of all, takes a terrible no return risk.

Who are they? Why are they such a threat?

And what is it they have that could change our lives forever?

They are the ‘Luminals’.

Screenplay: Jane Alexandra Foster.  Executive producers: Lauren Maddox & Jane Alexandra Foster. Associate Executive Producer:  Shirani Le Mercier

STATUS: Polished draft. Aura is currently with several financiers. Budget: Medium. PACK on request

GENRE. Thriller, (conspiracy/action) Science Fiction.

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Aura Motion Poster from Joseph Buchanan on Vimeo.

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The future of mankind now walks among us… but it could disappear forever.